Vogmask is the original stylish filtering half mask for particles.

First imagined in 2011, Vogmask created a unique facemask to bring design and reusability to highly efficient filtering. Our mission has never changed: to give the world a mask that makes you look great while providing the protection from airborne particles. Vogmask is used for protection from airborne particles such as PM 0.3, PM 2.5, PM 10, dust, allergens, post combustion particles, germs, shavings, biologics, odors, scents, mold, mold spores, particles in wildfire smoke, volcanic particulate pollution, and other airborne contaminants.


About Vogmask

Vogmask is in Singapore because we wanted to protect our loved ones from haze.     

2014 - location: Singapore 

We found Vogmask when we were looking for kid-sized masks for our children.
Our friends faced the same problem, most masks were manufactured for workplace & industrial safety and too big for younger ones whose tolerance was low as masks were often uncomfortable. We were thrilled to have found Vogmask® and even more thrilled when their founders agreed to help us with the situation in Singapore.

Now it is even more pressing with the Corona Virus pandemic. Covid-19 is in unprecedented challenge for modern times. Technology will expedite a resolution but the reality is that it may take more time than we like. In the meantime, we will make Vogmask accessible to our fellow Singaporeans and neighbours around the Southeast Asian region. We hope you are as pleased with your Vogmask as we are.

The benefits of filtering masks are confirmed by leading health providers worldwide.  Working together with quality management engineers, we offer an important tool to protect health. Vogmask is offered in both valved filtering masks to help protect the wearer from inhaling airborne microscopic particles, and non valved filtering masks filtering inflow and outflow.​

Vogmask material components and finished products are tested for effectiveness, conditioning, and safety. Each Vogmask is manufactured under a documented quality plan. As a leader in combatting the adverse effects of air pollution and other respiratory health problems, Vogmask continues to improve through design and material innovations.

Vogmask supports clean air and humanitarian efforts around the world. We seek to improve quality of life and instill civil responsibility that has a direct impact on society and the environment.

Based in San Francisco, Vogmask speaks unpretentious Californian and always strives to be a positive voice for the environment and humanity. Our goal is to present the safest, highest quality, and most beautiful product of its kind.